Private Voice Coaching


Meet once a week for one hour.

Choose how many weeks works for you.

Choose one session or many and receive this!

  • Receive a Vocal Focus Worksheet© to begin creating your custom Vocal Energies©

Choose 3 months or more and receive this bonus:

  • Receive a Bonus session Nano Voice Analysis*
  • Receive a Vocal Focus Worksheet© to create your custom Vocal Energies© Toolkit

Choose 6 months receive everything above plus:

  • Introductory 45 min RELAXATION Sonic Massage session. ($125 Value) Relax on a Sound Bed while listening to a soothing nature sound, brainwave tone and an empowering affirmation created using the tone of your voice! Receive the audio track to listen anytime. (NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE LOCAL AREA, a track can be created by phone over the web.)




Hi! I’m Sandy D’Acey, Voice Coach and Certified Sound Wellness Practitioner. I offer to help you create a Voice Toolkit to enhance voice confidence, clarity AND greater expression. 

I help anyone who has a voice! Do you have one? Of course you do….we all do! 

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and those open to voice exploration to develop and integrate voice tools for greater communication in their world or on the stage.

This is done through my Vocal Energies Method, which consists of the Vocal Energies Formula and the BiPs Techniques- breathing, posture, projection, placement and pitch. To learn more about the BiPs Techniques, keep reading. As you learn more about this method, I will give you the tools to help you create your very own voice toolkit.

The Vocal Energies Method is delivered through private consulting sessions, live group programs, online training and live group webinars, so you can speak or sing confidently and authentically to your audience. With this method, you can enhance your self-esteem and increase your potential for unlimited success, so you can optimize your energy with your voice and develop your unique sound – naturally!  

Within the Vocal Energies Method, I present the Vocal Energies Formula which will help you assess where you’re at and where you want to go with voice actualization. The formula brings together the technical aspects with your authentic sound energy to create growth and change.

Meet once a week for one hour.

Receive a Vocal Focus Worksheet© to begin creating your custom Vocal Energies© Toolkit



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